Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More From Alice Holt

Back in Alice Holt, initially in unsuccessful pursuit of that Iole male. Neil Hulme ventured over the border to join the search - only to learn that another pristine Iole male had been photoed on his home patch. Hulme needs to be put on strong blood pressure pills. Never twitch an aberration.

Iris did not descend to the rides early on, only coming down in modest numbers during the mid-late morning period, as usual. I've yet to witness a repeat of the mass early breakfast of the 1976 heatwave, when temperatures were similar.

Good to see the first egg laying of the year (assuming she did lay - and the girls often go thru the motions without actually laying). She also rejected a male in the classic downward spiral flight describe in Ken Willmott's work. I also saw 2 other Empresses, including one being courted by 2 males at the main Goose Green territory. Result unknown.

Males were nicely sallow-searching and sailing the oak edges for an hour late morning. From 2pm they were quiescent, hardly stirring in the heat. There was a modest evening flight for 1 hour from 6pm, but activity was hindered and then curtailed by a band of cloud.

The butterfly is now officially 'well out' down south, with more females and a few males still to emerge.

Apparently it's just starting in Northants.



Gentlemen, Ladies: Tomorrow is One Sock Day.....

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