Monday, January 18, 2010

All 37 present today. No losses so far this year, though 1 is rather shrunken and 2 others look unwell.

28 are by buds, 5 in scars / lesions, 2 in forks and 2 where green wood meets old brown wood (like WLH eggs). Dennis, these figures differ to what I guessed the other day.

23 are in heavy winter shade, receiving hardly any direct winter sun (or none). 7 receive some early morning winter sun. 6 are in dappled situations and 1 gets some afternoon sun. None is remotely in full sun. Those on sunny sprays are on the dark side of the twig.

22 are yellow-green in colour. 7 are grey. 3 are yellow-brown. 2 are yellow-green-brown. 2 are green. 1 is yellow-grey-green.

Crucially, they match the stem they are on, not the colour of ,y buid they're lined up against. Neil: my nice chestnut brown ones have changed colour! Yes, even in deep sleep they can change colour.

24 are 1-10cm from the spray tip, 7 are 11-20cm from tip, 2 are 21-30cm from tip, 3 are •5m from tip and 1 is 2m from tip.

First we sleep the winter
Then we dance the spring


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