Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeding and Further Doings

Both Dennis Dell and I can report iris larvae starting to feed in captivity. Neither of us has suffered any significant winter losses amongst captive larvae (yet... but they can suddenly desiccate at this time of year). One of my captive larvae is still hibernating.

In the wild, all bar one of my surviving larvae have moved out of hibernation and are in the departure loungue - lined up alongside an opening leaf bud prior to starting to feed, and changing colour in the process. Their problem is that the trees flower before leafing, so the larvae have to wait. No losses (to predation or worse) since mid March, which is good news. The one still in hibernation is on an incredibly late narrow-leaved sallow, where there is no sign of swelling leaf buds or flowering.

First we sleep the winter, then we dance the spring...

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