Sunday, May 2, 2010


Rejoice, Oh ye of little faith, for that which was lost is found, and that which is found wasn't lost in the first place, it's just that I missed them ... . I am delighted to say that today I re-found three wild iris larvae that were lost last autumn when, in unseasonally mild weather, they forsook the leaves and went in search of hibernating quarters. Two of them I searched for, twice and thrice respectively, during the winter. Lord knows where they were*. Thus was a perfectly vile day well spent.

One of the monitored wild larvae has changed into the 4th instar and at least 6 others are in the process of skin changing. All bar one have been feeding well - there is still one runt which may or may not be alive. It has coloured up well but has not fed yet. Odd.

And don't forget, on Thursday, wearing one sock only, Vote Purple! One or two people have complained that the Purple Manifesto is too serious - they're missing the point: it is serious... .

* The Lord does know, but is not letting on, at least not to me.

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