Monday, March 14, 2011

More Predation...

Gentlemen, Lady. I have just visited my dwindling hibernating iris larvae out in the wild & dangerous woods. Two more have been lost to assumed predation. One of these losses was unusual, and interesting, in that most of the buds on that particular twig had been crunched, including the one the larva (named after one of the sons of Noah, can't remember which one - Hem or something) was lined up against.

My guess is that from now on we no longer just hate British tits, but also the Bullfinch. What else would do that? I didn't photograph the damaged buds as the spray is high up and needs a step ladder. My cat has been informed.

This winter's predation pattern is similar to last year's. Yet to kick in is late winter / early spring desiccation, which can also affect captive larvae.

Can't stand much more of this. Next winter someone else can follow iris larvae through, I'm not doing it again...

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