Monday, August 8, 2011

Emperor Photo Competition

All over by the look of it, so let's wrap it up.

As always, some magnificent photography from bloggers. I'm constantly amazed that we can rustle up a good few dozen images, any one of which would have been an exceptional picture twenty years ago. It was only the cost of running through 35mm film that was holding us back!

So, my own personal and highly biased view. Out of an exceptional field, the following I rate primi inter pares:

Nick Butt's great twosome in depth:

Ashley Whitlock's iris with attitude - real personality in this one.

Matthew's great females - difficult to find, and rich fulvous colour. Great technique.

Neil's Miss Iris - how could you go past this one?

Rob Hill's duelling ires

Mike Coleman's lovely underside - a classic, almost cliched, but great technique and out of focus background. And a similar shot from Neil, both really getting value out of those macro lenses.

And then we still have Neil's ab afflicta series - just reward for the many many hours that Neil puts in for protection and promotion of this and other species.

Quite frankly, I can't and won't separate these. Great pictures all, so different and yet every one illustrating a different aspect of his, and her, majesty. Well done everyone, and bring on 2012.

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