Thursday, November 17, 2011

How not to look after your Emperors

This is what we saw as we walked through a wood in central Herts yesterday. Woodland grant in place and rideside sallows removed as was rideside honeysuckle. And for info its not without continually telling this particular government body to manage the sallows in the Hertfordshire woods for Emperors. Purple Emperor is a Hertfordshire SAP species to which this particular government body is signed up as a partner. Our taxes paid for this! Copy and paPhotos by Andrew M

And the last one standing - its was so tall it wouldn't fit in the view finder

And yes we have told them how important sallows are!


sandbyte said...

Who should we write to to express our admiration for their good works?

Liz Goodyear said...

Forestry Commission at the end of the day because they approved the plan

Matthew Oates said...

'How long, O Lord, how long?'...

We seem to be making no progress on rideside sallow management at all, though this latest infringement looks several orders of magnitude less awful that what the FC did along the main ride of Straits Inclosure, Alice Holt Forest, in Feb 2010 (the most visited PE wood in Hants). The main ride of Fermyn Wood has been treated similarly to what's shown in Liz's pictures.

The truth is that foresters are still prejudiced against sallows.

We must promote BC's excellent new handbook Woodland Management for Butterflies & Moths a best practice guide. I helped write the PE account and am quite happy with it.