Saturday, December 8, 2012


Following Doug's very recent post, I thought I would immediately follow up his post with some extreme close up iris detail images which have been obtained during some of the various SEM sessions that I performed on iris and other Apaturinae specimens:

Picture 1 is a relative close up of an iris pilliform scale laying across some iridescent pigment scales.

Picture 2 is closer view of these two scales. Note the pigment scale membrane arches (in the background). It is the light refraction pattern caused by the depth of these arches which induces the iridescent nature of the iris/Apaturinae pigment scales.

I link to the science here:

Picture 3 is an extreme close up of one of the pigment scales. Note here the multi-layered lamelae (scale ridges). This image also enables a clearer view of the arch depths which here can clearly be seen, raised above the scale back/base.

I have 100's of such images, some of which illustrate the discovery of some new data, never previously documented for ANY known Lepidoptera (publication awaits). Should however any more freely available images be required, please just let me know and I'll be more than happy to oblige.

BTW: In response to an earlier post made against myself back on Christmas eve 2010, true science takes time. Truth will eventually prevail...


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