Sunday, April 14, 2013

Latest Wild Doings

Checked all wild larvae today.  All present and correct, and healthy.  So none of them desiccated during the ten day spell of bitter north to easterly winds (though none was in a place significantly exposed to those winds). 

Having followed larvae through in the wild for four winters, it appears that 'desiccation' is more of an issue in captive breeding than in the wild.  I have recorded one 'desiccated' wild larvae in four winters, out of >100.  One thing I can say quite categorically is that iris larvae behave very differently in the wild to how they behave in captivity.  They are almost different animals.

Other good news is that, with a few days to go before larvae come out of hibernation, this winter's loss to (assumed) tit predation is under 20%, compared to >60% in the first two winters (varying sample size though).


irisscientist said...

Some of my captive (ilia) larvae were today on the march and actively looking for food...unlike their Sallow bud counterparts however none of the Poplar buds they were seeking were in any fit state to be able to supply any such nutritional benefit!

Dave Law said...

Furthur to my comment about my larvae drying out , i am pleased to see that one of my remaining 2 iris moved yesterday to another fork on the bush and today has moved again and is proudly guarding an expanding bud . The other larva has not yet awoken but has angled its head as if to catch more warmth from the sun .The season begins !