Sunday, October 6, 2013

Christmas Present

All you ever wanted to know about 'BB' (Denys Watkins-Pitchford) and the Purple Emperor.  Chapter by our very own Doug Goddard of Northamptonshire, Foreward by me.  Very Purple indeed.  Essential reading, especially for anyone who has visited Fermyn Woods.  Limited edition.  Will become a rare book.  £45 incl p&p. 

Put details in front of your other third's nose now before you get bought socks & slippers.  see


BB said...

Have mine on order already not risking asking for Xmas present - Mark

Bill Seager said...

In April 1971, after qualifying as an aircraft mechanic in the Royal Air Force, I was posted to Binbrook in the Lincolnshire Wolds, and billeted in an eight-man room, next to a giant of a man from the Orkney Islands (I was just 5 feet 6ins tall weighed well under 10 stone and was only 17½ years old). On the window shelf between us was his stack of “Shooting Times” magazines, and on receiving his permission to browse through them, I became acquainted with the writings of BB. One that sticks in my memory involved BB relating about nurturing an Iris caterpillar to the adult stage, and releasing it only to have a flycatcher swoop and take the insect before his very eyes!
Early last year, I e-mailed the deputy editor of the magazine and asked if they had records of BB’s articles about his work with the Purple Emperor. I got no reply, but now, over forty years on from my first introduction to this remarkable countryman’s articles on this stunning butterfly, and reaching my sixtieth birthday, I can treat myself to a copy of this book. I started visiting Fermyn a few years ago, but this season has been my most successful in watching this beautiful insect. BB’s legacy is alive and well!
The Purple Legacy

Remnant of an ancient realm,
Then forest; now - a wood.
BB’s conservation plan;
To rear an Iris brood.
And then release them every year,
In Fermyn Wood, Northamptonshire.