Monday, February 10, 2014

January Update

During January up to 27% of hibernating wild larvae were lost to (assumed) predation, which is high.  However, some of those lost souls may have moved and have yet to be relocated.  A number of larvae are not hibernating properly in the mild conditions, which makes it hard to separate out predation from movement.  All will become clear in the spring when I can check for lost souls. 

So far this winter, at least six larvae have moved position after having entered hibernation.  Of these, one travelled 1.2m.  In January, two moved, 45cm and 40cm respectively.  NB in the five previous winters only two larvae moved position, so this winter is really bucking the norm. 

Several are now greening up a tinge, and one Kamikaze caterpillar has turned bright green.  I doubt I'll see him again... 

And now for something completely different, a Heath Fritillary larva on Foxglove, in one of the Exmoor combes -

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