Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Purple Empire Exclusive

Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier in the season I mooted the idea of a golden caterpillar award but unfortunately had to shelve plans. However, I kept the design to one side as it deserves to go into production.

Therefore, the time is right and offered for pre-order only to people of purple persuasion via the Purple Empire blog. 

The design depicts Keats ascending in raised metal from the surface which is slightly recessed. All this surrounded by Matthew Oates' well known Latin phrase with English translation on a background of regal blue enamel. The size of the badge will be 30mm wide by 25mm tall. Please note that spelling has been corrected as per the comments.

The pin badges will be limited to 40 pieces only cost of £5.50 each. Postage and packing will be an additional £1.20.

To take part in the pre-order offer and reserve a badge or badges (yes, you can order more than one if you wish) you should send me an email with PURPLE EMPIRE in the subject title to and I will send you details of what you need to do next. 


Guy said...

Why is it aestomate and not aestimate?


Anonymous said...

That's how it appeared in Matthew's posting.


Guy said...

Well, I hope I'm wrong (and I very often am), but it strkes me as incorrect Latin so it's worth checking before you go to print, as it were. It's at least non-standard.


Matthew Oates said...

My thanks to Guy for pointing out that aestimate had wrongly transmogrified to aestomate. It should indeed be aestimate, the plural imperative of aestimo. Aestomo doesn't exist. Fortunately, the phrase is correct (aestimate) in my forthcoming book. Erucam is correctly vocative.