Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Apatura Ilia

Some shots from Chris Rickard:

Here are a few shots of Apatura ilia on the first day of emergence
here in Brittany, France. 28th June 2015.
Taken with a 500mm lens, males a long way up.

ilia is a delightful butterfly,  occurring in two quite different forms, the normal as here and form clytie, where the 
male has an orange colouring to the upperside. It is found throughout much of Europe, as close to the UK as the Channel coast of France, and usually emerges about a week before iris.


dennis said...

I lived in Switzerland and used to see ilia; lovely butterfly indeed.
I wonder if it will ever make it to the UK?

dennis said...

if it is in Brittany, how long before it gets to the UK?