Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Full House

Every single one of the following photos was taken today 03.11.15

Freshly laid ova (3rd generation):

Ova about to hatch (3rd generation):

L1 larvae (3rd generation):

L2 larva (3rd generation):

L3 larva (3rd generation):

Diapausing L3 larva (2nd generation):

Fresh L4 larva (3rd generation):

Fully grown L5 larva (2nd generation):

Pupae (2nd generation):

Imago's (2nd generation):

Paired imago's (2nd generation):

As my 3rd generation L3 larvae have failed to diapause, I am hoping to ascertain if it is now possible to continually rear this species. For those interested to learn more, please send me Facebook friend request:


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