Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Snapshot of 11th May

I did an inventory of all my purple emperor cats on my lunchtime walk today (11th May). All are fourth instar. Some are inaccessible but I tried to get a flesh shot of them all.

Gautama is the only one I followed through the winter. I had feared disaster after finding no eggs last year and just two caterpillars, one of whom died. But it seems the females just laid their eggs in different places from usual during the heatwave of July-August 2015.

Kisāgotamī and Gautama are about an inch long. Kanthaka and Śuddhodana are a little smaller. Rāhula and Svapna are too high in their trees for me to be able to judge size accurately.

This was Kisāgotamī yesterday, looking all grown up:


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irisscientist said...

Great as always Guy. Most of my 5th (consecutive) generation A.ilia are now 2nd-3rd instar and all of Sasakia charonda are also now out of diapause, so hopefully things will start to progress with these as well. Very much hoping to try and pair the Sasakia's myself this year.