Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Growing up

All the caterpillars I can still locate are now 5th instar. In this instar they wander a lot and it has been hard keeping track of them. I cannot find Gautama, who was the first to reach 5th grade, but have no reason to believe he has not simply moved higher up the tree.

Of those I can still find, Kisāgotamī is the most mature. She turned 5th instar on the night of 21st-22nd May and so is about one week away from moving off to pupate. This was her this evening:

This picture shows how difficult it is to spot a cat even when it is as big as her:

She's in there ...

This is Rāhula, who shed his skin this morning:

The last two are Kanthaka and Svapna, both photographed yesterday:


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