Saturday, July 1, 2017

Apatura iris in the Bath

After a successful day's Emperoring with a Knepp Wildlands Safari group (which saw 56 Emperors, including a close encounter with Herself, the Empress of Knepp) I took to the outdoor bathroom at the Knepp glampsite, where I'm staying, for a long and relaxing soak. The bathroom looks like this -

Brother Quercus, the Purple Hairstreak, was batting about in the oaks above, as usual. Here's the view from a prostrate position within the bath -

Then, at 6.22, a male Emperor, Himself, swooped down from on high, circled round me, inspected the soap, and then shot off eastwards towards the village of Dial Post. 

This may be the first ever recorded encounter with Apatura iris by someone in the bath, and shows that when it comes to eccentricity Britain still has what it takes...

Here's Herself, cleaning her tongue after imbibing something vile -

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