Sunday, November 3, 2019

2020 Purple Emperor Calendar

I haven't posted this year as for family reasons I had to move from Purple Paradise in Switzerland back to what is currently something of a Purple Desert in East Suffolk. But I've been following the season by proxy with interest.

For loyal subjects wishing to keep a note of all those purple-letter days next year or looking for a gift with a difference, I'm reproducing last year's calendar, illustrating all stages of His Majesty with three photos a month, all taken in the month they accompany. If you were kind enough to buy last year's calendar, I hope you were pleased with it. Please note these are the same pictures - I haven't been in a position to take new ones!

For more details and a preview of all months, please see HERE. I'm also selling a Swiss Butterflies calendar, HERE.

Apologies for the shameless plug - but I did make the Purple Emperor calendar specifically for contributors to this site!



Matthew Oates said...

I've ordered one...

BB said...

Received today many thanks Guy!