Wednesday, July 28, 2021

28th July...

Back to wet and windy... Emperors are difficult to work in windy weather, as males are often displaced out of their favoured territories into more sheltered but secondary territories. 

Sunny spells were very hit and miss today (my rain gauge recorded 17mm).  Nonetheless, Brian Duncan managed seven Emperors in two hours in Alice Holt Forest.  

Great news from Lincolnshire (one of only two English counties I don't know well), where Toby Ludlow and Pete Smith have found 12 new sites so far this year. This seems to be mirroring the spread from the two 2004 introduction sites in Warwickshire.  

Hope to go out tomorrow, to Heart of England Forest in Warwicks, though it will be windy.

Bit worried about the mini gale forecast for SW and Central Southern England on Thursday night. It could be quite damaging...


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