Thursday, August 12, 2021

Closing Time at Knepp (and elsewhere)

Two days at Knepp (or rather afternoons, as I was working Brown Hairstreaks during the morning, seeing an impressive 63 on Tues morning - the best showing at Knepp since 2017).

Tues Aug 10th: Managed to see four males and a huge female, but it was very hard work and I visited nearly all the best territories (only three territories were occupied, by lone males).  

In addition today, Ashley Whitlock saw two males in Alice Holt Forest, Mick & Wendy Campbell saw a female in Bernwood Forest and Fiona Barclay saw a fresh-looking female in Fermyn Woods. 

Wed Aug 11th: I really struggled today, seeing two, possibly three, males and a possible female at a distance. 

Also, Lawrence Drummond saw two males in Hatfield Forest, Essex.  

Conclusion: The 2021 Purple Emperor season is ending fast, everywhere. 

ADVISE: DON'T VISIT KNEPP FOR PURPLE EMPERORS ANYMORE THIS YEAR, YOU'RE TOO LATE they got clobbered by heavy rain on Mon 9th, which followed a wet and windy weekend. 

Instead, we're starting to dream up the Great Purple Emperor Season of 2022, already...

'In my end is my beginning...'


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