Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Mon July 11th - National Conk-out Festival

Emperors were seriously lethargic today, conked out in the heat. They were hard to see, even at Knepp

I spent three sweltering hours looking for them in Cirencester Park Woods, but only saw a singleton - a massive female egg laying high in an old broad-leaved sallow at 12.25. The male territory I found there last year seemed to be unoccupied, it was not a day for looking for new territories.

The Knepp Large Tortoiseshell was seen again, though very few Emperors were active (and then mainly around known sap run oaks).  

It seems they didn't even indulge in a decent evening flight. 

Emperors are turning up in strange places, notably outside Gate 8 of Stansted Airport (probably from nearby Hatfield Forest).     


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