Thursday, May 19, 2011

larvae May 2011

I agree with Matthew: it looks as if we might have an earlier season than average, which is bad news for my annual field meeting in Bernwood Forest, arranged for 9th/10th July; it might well be almost all over by then!
Just one of my 3 larvae is on the underside [yesterday]; the other two got close together, which was a good photo opportunity. you can see quite a difference in size. Statistics are boring, but Matthew insists that I put this on the website [I can see your eyes closing as you read this!]. This is what I found in Switzerland [well, Roger Dennis actually did the statistics from my data]: The mean time spent as pupa was 19 days for females [range 14-31 days, n=88], and 21 days for males [range 14-28 days, n=114]. A tendency existed for the earlier the pupation date, the longer the pupation period; this was significant only for females [males: r= - 0.08, P=0.28; females r= -0.29, P=0.0001]. There you are: has that put you all to sleep?

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