Thursday, May 26, 2011

Panic Receding

Looked at 6 wild iris on Monday 23rd. They'd made little progress since my last visit on the 15th, due to cool weather. None had started pupating, though two were full to bursting point and the others weren't far behind. They should be starting to pupate now, but they can take several days to pupate in cool showery weather, and the insect can last for a good three weeks in the pupal state when the weather's poor - as Dennis data show.

Also, at home, I've still only got one pupa, though all the others are on the leaf undersides, pupating.

So, the chances of iris emerging in mid June are receding fast, though we are still likely to have an early season and it will only take another good anticyclone to speed things up again. The forecast for the next few days is poor though, and we are due a poor June...

Watch this space...

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