Friday, July 1, 2011

Fermyn (Part 1)

With a disappointing start to The Season down South the lure of Fermyn was too strong to resist. On Wednesday 29th June I drove North early in the morning, arriving before He had stirred. It turned out to be one of those sublime days which come but once a year. He came down in wave after wave throughout the morning, in numbers I have not experienced before. Having my Japanese folding commuter bicycle always gives me the edge when clocking up numbers and I travelled some distance through the ride system; nevertheless, 35 grounded males is a LOT! At times I could see 5 or 6 quartering a short section of the track. One of my baits played host to 3 Emperors, 4 Red Admirals and a Comma. They landed on my forehead, hand, boots, trousers, rucksack and bicycle - they swarmed. I even managed the open wing, purple shot on foliage as a male cleaned his proboscis. It was a memorable morning, but just around the corner there was an even greater prize awaiting.

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