Monday, July 4, 2011

Savernake 2nd 3rd July

Saturday 2nd July

As I drove up Three Oak Drive towards the column I passed a couple with binoculars. They were at the spot were several PE's were seen last year. I suspected they were looking for iris so wound down the window and asked them if they had seen anything. They hadn't, they were new to the forest and had never seen iris before and not quite sure where to look. I informed them, they were seen here last year and should have a look before trying at the column. After 20 minutes or so a brief view of a male flying at the top of a tall Beech was obtained. We waited for more activity, I got the scope from the car and scanned the area where it was last seen, to no avail.

By the time I got to the column, the early sun had mostly been replaced by cloud a hour or so passed and no more butterflies were seen. The couple I met earlier left, and as they drove away his highness glided across the column. Another hour passed without and Emperor action and I decided to walk down a ride. On my return an hour later, now 3pm, I had my final sighting of the day.

Sunday 3rd July

I arrived at the column around 11am. The couple I met yesterday updated me with the sightings they had prior to my arrival (several sightings on the ground of a male) During the next two hours a dozen or so sightings, including two males (one on the column and one on the ground) one male alighting low enough to get a half decent photo.

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