Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fermyn Woods Wind Farm Decision

Contrary to widespread expectation the Planning Inspectorate has given the go-ahead for four 125m wind turbines to be erected in the hill top field between Fermyn Wood and Lady Wood, Brigstock. The development will not adversely affect His Imperial Majesty, and may even be beneficial as there are proposals to thicken up the hedge linking the two woods - which could facilitate adult movement between the woods. However, it is likely to be considered grossly intrusive by many of the 2000 or so naturalists who visit the woods during the Purple season, and would be bang in the middle of Denys Watkins-Pitchford's ('BB') heartland. I gave evidence against the proposal at the public inquiry last November, arguing that this is an important natural history and literary landscape with immense spirit of place that would be seriously damaged should the proposal go ahead.

Many local people and conservation bodies are incensed by this decision, including the National Trust whose Lyveden New Bield property is close by. One option the objectors have is to take the decision to judicial review.

I am unable to express my true feelings about this decision here, they are unprintable...

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