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His Majesty's Appearances?

Following Derek's recent "Rearing Larvae in 1755" post (05.03.12), I thought it would be a good time to put out a message that I've meaning to post for a while. I'm extremely interested in making an (ideally collective) database of literature/publication references of his/her majesty's appearances. Although there are probably hundreds (if not thousands) that I have not as yet listed, I have limited my searches to those which are specific to iris and have not therefore listed those in which his (or her) majesty is merely mentioned. I have also only listed those which are in English. Although the below list is probably a good starting point, I would very much appreciate the input of years of iris research from the empire collective in order to make the list as comprehensive as possible. Consequently if you are aware of any missed references (and I apologise in advance if I have missed any of your own personal material) please can you add it as a comment to this post. The list I have complied to date, comprises of the following material:

Albert Brydges Farn “Life-History of Apatura iris”, Vol.14 (1881) pp195-198.
W.J.V. Vandenbergh “Apatura iris at Brentwood”, Vol.15 (1882) pp187.
H.T. Hutchinson “Apatura iris in Sussex”, Vol.15 (1882) pp188.
J. Anderson “Singular Habit of Apatura iris”, Vol.15 (1882) pp188.
C.H. Watson “A Second Brood of Apatura iris”, Vol.27 (1894) pp61-62.
W.B. Polmar “Apatura iris Reared on Willow”, Vol.36 (1903) pp217.
E. Goodwin “A Second Brood of Apatura iris”, Vol.45 (1912) pp79.
E. Goodwin “Late Emergence of Apatura iris”, Vol.45 (1912) pp326.
H.R. Brown “Tobacco Smoke, An Attraction to Apaturids”, Vol.49 (1916) pp39.
Alfred Lloyd “Apatura iris in West Sussex”, Vol.50 (1917) pp208.
F.G.S. Bramwell “Apatura iris at Sea Near Brighton”, Vol.52 (1919) pp257.
F.W. Frohawk “Empty Eggs of Apatura iris”, Vol.62 (1929) pp112.
Charles Mellows “Apatura iris in Northants”, Vol.62 (1929) pp176.
F.W. Frohawk “The Egg-Laying of Apatura iris”, Vol.62 (1929) pp195.
Charles Nicholson “Larva of Apatura iris Feeding on Heather!”, Vol.66 (1933) pp76-78.
C. Nicholson “Apatura iris Visiting Great Knapweed”, Vol.66 (1933) pp111.
C.N. Hughes “Apatura iris in Cornwall”, Vol.66 (1933) pp139.
C. Nicholson “Apatura iris in Cornwall?”, Vol.66 (1933) pp173.
Harold Smith “Apatura iris in Reading District”, Vol.66 (1933) pp203.
N.D. Riley “Second-Brood Apatura iris”, Vol.67 (1934) pp40.
J. Deal “Apatura iris in Dorking District”, Vol.67 (1934) pp205.
P.A. Carden “Apatura iris Feeding on Wild Damson”, Vol.67 (1934) pp234.
C. Nicholson “Rearing Apatura iris”, Vol.67 (1934) pp234.
Arthur Jones “Rearing Apatura iris”, Vol.67 (1934) pp257.
B.H. Cooke “Apatura iris Attracted by Petrol Fumes”, Vol.68 (1935) pp212.
Ed “Apatura iris in Surrey”, Vol.69 (1936) pp174.
J. Shepherd “November Emergence of Apatura iris”, Vol.70 (1937) pp43.
C.G.M. de Worms “Early Emergence of Apatura iris”, Vol.70 (1937) pp185-186.
George E Hyde “Early Emergence of Apatura iris”, Vol.70 (1937) pp231.
Stanley Morris “The Life Story of Apatura iris”, Vol.71 (1938) pp49-52/87-90/111-113/129-132/156-160.
E. Harrison “Earwigs Destroy Larvae”, Vol.72 (1939) pp266-267.
F.L. Bacon “Apatura iris in Berks”, Vol.74 (1941) pp5.
B. Harold Smith “Apatura iris Near Farnham, Surrey”, Vol.74 (1941) pp202.
C.G.M. de Worms “A Note on the Breeding of Apatura iris”, Vol.74 (1941) pp210.
Alban F.L. Bacon “Apatura iris in N. Hampshire”, Vol.75 (1942) pp178.
G.B. Oliver “Apatura iris V. iole”, Vol.76 (1943) pp16.
I.R.P. Heslop “Maculinea arion and Apatura iris in Somerset”, Vol.83 (1950) pp20-21.
Jack T. Friedlein “Collias crocea and Apatura iris”, Vol.84 (1951) pp236-237.
I.R.P. Heslop “Apatura iris Settling on Roses”, Vol. 89 (1956) pp151.
I.R.P. Heslop “Pupa of Apatura iris Attacked by Larva of Cosmia trapezina”, Vol.89 (1956) pp166.
I.R.P. Heslop “Hibernating Habit of Larva of Apatura iris Linn”, Vol.90 (1957) pp42-43.
I.R.P. Heslop “The 1956 Season in its Relation to Apatura iris Linn”, Vol.90 (1957) pp186-188.
H.C. Dunk “Egg of Apatura iris on Wild Rose”, Vol.90 (1957) pp268.
I.R.P. Heslop “Notes on the Imaginal Size and Certain Other Features of Apatura iris Linnaeus (Lep. Nymphalidae)”, Vol.93 (1960) pp49-53.
I.R.P. Heslop “A New Male Aberration of Apaturs iris (Linnaeus) (Lep Nymphalidae)”, Vol.93 (1960) pp251-253.
M.J. Friend “Apatura iris L. (Lep., Nymphalidae) From Hampshire”, Vol.94 (1961) pp201.
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I.R.P. Heslop “The Purple Emperor Season of 1967”, Vol.101 (1968) pp94.

Entomologist’s Gazette:
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I.R.P. Heslop “The Emergence of an Apatura iris Linnaeus”, Vol.11 (1960) pp116-117.
I.R.P. Heslop “Some Notes on the Ecological Consequences of Virus Disease in Apatura iris Linnaeus and Other Species”, Vol.12 (1961) pp42-45.
I.R.P. Heslop “Some Further Considerations of Times and Season of the Purple Emperor”, Vol.12 (1961) pp58-64.
J.A. Naylor “Are Purple Emperors, Apatura iris (Linnaeus), Attracted to Petrol Fumes?”, Vol.27 (1976) pp261.
M.G. Pennington “A Sighting of Apatura iris (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Central Spain”, Vol.49 (1998) pp244.

Entomologist Record and Journal of Variation:
G.M. Hewett “Iris”, Vol.6 (1895) pp145-147.
A. Russell “Change of Colour in Pupa of Apatura iris Just Before Emergence”, Vol.12 (1900) pp294.
P.A.H. Muschamp “On The Hibernation of Apatura iris and A. ilia”, Vol.19 (1907) pp145.
? “Apatura iris on Aspen”, Vol.30 (1918) pp140.
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R.E. Smith “Notes on Breeding the Purple Emperor, Apatura iris Linn., in Captivity”, Vol. 101 (1989), pp27-33.
I.C. Beavis “Recent Records of the Purple Emperor (Apaturs iris Linn.) From the Tunbridge Wells, Kent Area”, Vol. 104 (1992), pp327-328.
N. McMillan “In Search of The Purple Emperor and Lulworth Skipper”, Vol.105 (1993), pp193-195.
Dennis Dell “Experiences From Breeding Apatura iris (L.) Nymphalidae in Switzerland from 1982-2002”, Vol.116 (2004), pp179-187.
R.J.C. Page “Perching and Patrolling Continuum at Favoured Hilltop Sites on a Ridge: A Mate location Strategy by the Purple Emperor Butterfly Apatura iris”, Vol. 122 (2010) pp61-70.

Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine:
J. Hellins “Notes on the Larva of Apatura iris”, Vol.4 (1867) pp85-87.
W. Buckler “Supplementary Notes on the Larva of Apatura iris”, Vol.13 (1876) pp3-6.
N.W. Fowler “Apatura iris in the Reading District”, Vol.56 (1920) pp63-64.
Alban F.L. Bacon “Apatura iris (L.) and Colias croceus (Fourc.) (Lep.) in Northants”, Vol.76 (1940) pp217.
J. Sankey “Is Apatura iris L. (Lep., Nymphalidae) Extending its Range?”, Vol.80 (1944) pp213.

Miscellaneous :
Pallas (1837) “Observations on the Habits of the Purple Emperor (Apatura iris)”, Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, Vol.2, pp136-140.
George. E. Hyde (1960) “The Purple Emperor Butterfly”, The New Scientist, Vol.8 (193) pp295-297.
Heslop, Hyde, Stockley (1964) “Notes and Views of the Purple Emperor”.
Dell (2005) “Climate Change and the Effect of Increasing Spring Temperatures on Emergence Dates of the Butterfly Apatura iris (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)”, European Journal of Entomology, Vol.102, pp161-167.
Pantelic, Curcic, Savic-Servic, Korac, Kovacevic, Curcic, Bokic (2011) “High Angular and Spectral Selectivity of Purple Emperor (Lepidoptera: Apatura iris and A. ilia) Butterfly Wings”, Optics Express, Vol.19(7), pp. 5817-5826.

For those interested, although the below biodiversity link has been useful in finding references:

The sources found by this site are still based on rather a mediocre OCR and will still not find "Purple" or "Emperor" based material. These specific references can of course be found independently, but it requires the manual downloading of each of the volume pdf's and subsequent searching for the specified entry. Consequently manual searching through the Cambridge UL library resources has been mandatory in order to find many of the entries, but still these searches have been restricted to indexed volumes, which again unfortunately often do not list familiar as well as scientific names (of which Heslop was one of the worst for this!). As a consequence of all these factors, I suspect that many important references may have been missed (even from the searched volumes), and as such, any input that the empire bloggers would please be able to provide in relation to this iris resource database, I feel would be invaluable.

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