Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A photographic scrapbook of Bookham Common's Hill Farm territory (2013)

Hi all, shame that the weather had to eventually turn!

Anyway, I've put together a series of pics illustrating aspects of Purple Emperor behaviour in and around the canopy of Bookham Common's Hill Farm territory. Hope that it brings back a few recent memories of this past season... Cheers, Rob Hill

I'll start with male Emperors fighting/chasing - pairs at first...

Then groups of three...

Then groups of four... (did see a few fives but moving too quickly to get camera up in time - maybe next year)

Then to finish with a few shots of emperors interacting with other insects...
                                          Purple Hairstreak

                                          Red Admiral chasing

                                        And finally - a repeat of the dragonfly that turned from the chased to the chaser!

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