Monday, September 16, 2013

Basic silhoutte/outline A.iris image???

Hi all,

I am looking for a silhouette/outline image of A.iris similar to the moth image shown below, most likely printed in an antique entomology publication. All of the images I am able to find online are all rather detailed, whereas the image required needs to be quite basic, ideally just showing venation and basic patterning of the upper side of the wings. Does anybody please know of and could suggest a source of such an image? Any/all help in relation to this matter really would be very much appreciated.

Advanced thanks,



Matthew Oates said...

There's a right side only venation in Frohawk. I don't know of a both wings version though.

irisscientist said...

Thanks for the info Matthew. Chou (1998) has some excellent venation images of various members of the Apaturinae including A.iris, but was really hoping to find some images which also contained the upper surface patterning. It unfortunately looks though like I am going to have to do the images myself. I envisage a few more wasted hours on Illustrator ahead!