Thursday, August 28, 2014

Purple Battles from 2014 season

Hi all, have put together a selection of shots of Emperors battling over this past 2014 summer season. All taken at the Bookham Common Hill Farm territory. Best wishes - Rob Hill
A selection of males sparring...
A male pursuing a female (the pair slowly moved around the territory canopy for over 15 minutes).  

Male active in the canopy late in season

Male chasing a dragonfly.



Guy said...

Simply stunning pictures. What a butterfly!


Rob said...

Thanks Guy, its great to try to 'freeze' the frantic activity and see the interaction in more detail.


Neil Hulme said...

As always, superb work Rob. I'm not sure you'll better the earlier Sprawk shot though!
BWs, Neil

Rob said...

Cheers Neil, glad that you like them. Yep, I was happy with the Sparrowhawk shot. Also had my eye on a pair of Hobbies that have been hunting (and still are) the common ponds/canopy for dragonflies. Had them passing through Hill Farm territory a few times but didn't see them connect with any emperors?



Philip Byerley Johnson said...

Hi Rob, those are excellent pictures. Well done.
It was great meeting you this year over at Bookham and thanks for all the help and encouragement.
I am about 2/3 the way through compiling a short video of the Emperors in action including some tree canopy Emperor vs Hairstreak footage taken on or around 10th July. Not up to the quality of your pictures but I am sure it will be of interest to some once it has been completed.
PS. I found my first ever Brown Hairstreak almost exactly a week after you showed me where to look,
best wishes,
Philip Wright

Rob said...

Thanks Philip, really nice to meet you. Look forward to seeing your video. Beautiful butterflies those Brown Hairstreaks eh! Always a magical moment to see a new species... Cheers Rob