Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Purple Emperor Butterfly at Chedworth Roman Villa

Not sure if Matthew spotted this but Female photographed not far from his home in the Cotswolds on 30 July at the site of an old roman villa - National Trust property by all accounts see
Kind Regards


Matthew Oates said...

At last! Gloucestershire declares itself to be Purple. This is the first record of iris in the county since 1990. I know Chedworth Woods - a huge rambling expanse of semi-commercial forestry with a reasonable sallow content on the lower slopes. Thanks so much Mark for spotting this, I would have missed it. I can sleep peacefully in my bed at night now, knowing I reside within the Empire.

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you, Matthew, for your exciting comments on my blog (Wild and Wonderful). The National Trust staff drew our attention to the large butterfly which was just outside the shop/ticket desk door. Folk had muttered 'Purple Emperor' but others felt 'White Admiral' was more likely. I had my hopes for P.E. but wasn't very sure until I uploaded my photos and checked against web pictures of (in this case, I believe) Her Imperial Majesty! It was a very warm, still afternoon.