Monday, June 19, 2017

Coming Out Strongly

Browsing through the BC branch websites, and via Twitter, it's clear that iris is coming out well at most southern sites now. Several counties kicked off yesterday and today (e.g. Oxon, Middx), or over the weekend (e.g. Hants).  Many counties have clocked their earliest ever record, or at least since 1893.  

He wasn't out in Savernake today, and I don't think Fermyn's kicked off yet.

It's too early to judge numbers, but they seem to be up on last year. Activity is being suppressed by heat - advise: don't look for them in the heat of the afternoon, try again in the early evening (5.30-7.30)

'To the woods, without breakfast!' (Heslop, diary).

(I'm having a rotten time counting High Brown Fritillary on Exmoor - iris and adippe used to occur in the same woods together, and roost in the same oaks...).  Back Emperoring on Friday.  

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