Friday, June 2, 2017

HI Everyone,

I am new to the empire, but not new in searching out ' The Emperor '.
Last season I had great success in tempting him down, with this wonder product.
Tesco Tuna in brine.
Just pierce the can and pour the liquid in the desired spot,  I diluted mine with coffee,
filtered on the journey to the site.
The result was 5 out of 7 Emperors preferred my offering, the other two went for Horse dung.
The Cat enjoyed the Tuna meat.


Philip Byerley Johnson said...

Hi Trevor,
Does it need to be the Tesco brand? :)

irisscientist said...

Funny, but not going to go down well on this site mate. Far too many with self importance taking things ultra serious.

dennis said...

2nd June??
where was this exactly Trevor?
please reply to my e mail address:
Dennis Dell