Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hampstead Heath


I have also emailed the Herts and Middlesex Branch about a possible sighting of Apatura iris in Hampstead Heath.
I note that there have been a few sightings since 2015.
On 21st July I am reasonably sure I saw one maybe two iris near the Leg of Mutton Pond/Deer enclosure/Childrens play area of Golders Hill Park/Hampstead Heath.
They were clearly large Nymphalids and I have seen iris numerous times, they could have been escapees of a tropical nymphalid (eg Parthenos Sylvia) from the nearby Butterfly Green house in Golders Hill Park.
They flew between large Oaks at 25m.
I cannot be completely sure but it is possible that they could be.
There are possible breeding areas nearby, I know the area very well as I grew up in Golders Green
Let us hope that this magnificent butterfly is extending its range, the good warm weather recently I believe is ideal weather for species extending their ranges

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Liz Goodyear said...

I haven't had an email to the branch website? A Purple Emperor was reported grounded around 2011/2012 and we didn't follow this up properly until 2015 when we found an active assembly area along the Spaniards Road near the radio mast. In 2016 only few reports were received but on at least one occasion two were reported at the assembly area in 2017. These recent sightings were the first from the Heath away from the assembly since the initial report despite so many visitors!