Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Today at Fermyn

A couple of remarkable images from Dave Holden, today at Fermyn.

"Had a lovely morning with lots of sightings and as I was walking back to the car this large dark butterfly was spotted in the last large clearing on the right(first clearing on the left as you walk in), coming down to a muddy area.I had found a aberration in the woods in 2015 and posted pictures of it and I thought this new one today also looked promising.It was in very poor condition but I thought it was still worth mentioning."


Richard Smyth said...

Wow, looks fairly extreme. I have no idea on the percentages of lugenda aberrations but this must have been the Iole that Brian and John reported last week.

John Wiltshire said...

Yep. Pretty much as I saw it in plain sight, but pristine circa 10 days ago. May well be the same one. Well found!