Sunday, November 7, 2021

Blog Comments

 Hi there Bloggers

A number of recent posts have been the subject of spurious and irrelevant comments. 

For this reason, I've limited the ability to post comments to those of us who are recognised as authors. I don't imagine this will inconvenience anyone, but if you'd like to comment, and aren't an author, let me know and I'll post the comment for you. 

Your humble administrator. 

Saturday, November 6, 2021


Some disturbingly large Iris specimens have been appearing. Speculation  around horizontal gene transfer with bison has remained unproven as the dangerous species has so far eluded capture and neither is pupae nor eggs have yet been found. Against the trend of global warming the evolutionary variation seems to be heading south. First sightings in Ushaw Historic gardens then in Darlington and Bishop Aukland then Redcar. Attempts to mate it with standard size females have failed its genital optics appear to lack adequate precision. This being a new speciation  a name for the new species is being mooted  `purple galactic ethnarch` or `purple chief executive of the  universe` . Suggestions welcome.