Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Butterfly Isles - Launched Tues 18th Oct

Gentlemen, Lady. Be informed that the Executive Committee of the People of Purple Persuasion has decided that the dress code for next Tuesday's launch of Brother Patrick's book The Butterfly Isles (Granta books, £20, or £11.40 on Amazon) is Official Purple, or in purpuratum as we prefer. One Sock should also be worn.

The book, I can assure you, is an absolute cracker: buy it and find out... . The principle chapter is entitled The Curse of the Purple Emperor, in which he realises that those who follow the Swallow-tailed moth, or whatever that effete showy thing that haunts the Norfolk Broads is called, will never see the Monarch of all the Butterflies until they repent and convert to the true faith. Brother Patrick, the chapter reveals, was struck down on the road to Fermyn Woods on 5th July 2009 - by a large dollop of Vietnamese shrimp paste - and promptly converted. His mission now is to spread The Word to the gentiles.

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