Tuesday, October 19, 2010

et encore!

Being a fellow “iris” enthusiast and a follower of “The Empire” I thought I,d send you this pic of a magical moment I had in France this year . He may not be a British specimen but he is still worthy.

While I was on a carp fishing trip to France this year, HIM could,nt resist the allure of the Shrimp and mussel flavoured boilies that I was using as bait . The boilies were fresh but frozen ,put in a net drying bag and hung on a branch to thaw out . During the week countless Lesser Purple Emperors were attracted but this handsome fellow was the star, and was coaxed onto my hand for over half an hour . Truly a breathtaking moment to be in the presence of Royalty .

Please feel free to post on the web site as this might be of interest to others who may wish to try this as a method of attracting HIM from his throne .

Dave Law

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