Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends of Clacket Lane Service Station

Delighted by Chris Iles's doings at the Clacket Lane service station on the Blessed M25. It would be marvellous if the larva he found there in May was indeed the one I'd found there on 29th Sept 2009. That was in a shady nook at the west end of the line of sallows fringing the car park on the anticlockwise circuit, north of the Road to Hell. I'd popped in for a pee, en route from Knepp Castle in West Sussex to Wicken Fen, and then spent 15 mins searching likely sprays in full view of two highly disinterested police officers sitting in a parked patrol car (I was going to tell them I was 'searching for biodiversity...').

This is yet another example of the magic of this butterfly - deep magic from beyond the dawn of time... .

Meanwhile, here's another picture of a larva colouring up for hibernation (taken yesterday). Enjoy -

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