Thursday, August 1, 2013

From Dave Phillips

Just a couple of observations from the season that’s now winding down:
Large numbers of purple emperors this year in Bearshanks Wood, a mile or two from Lady/Souther woods, Fermyn. Getting better every year in this sallow-rich habitat,
Most unusual sighting was this Saturday (July 27), at a Land Rover show at Billing Aquadrome -- a riverside venue of meadows (and caravans... and crowds) near Northampton. Pleasantly surprised to see a splendid male flying through the noise and clamour, at shoulder height. It was on the move, flying strongly and did not settle.
David Phillips,
Wadenhoe, Northants


Chris Walpole said...

Purple Emperor at Billing Aquadrome? Really?
I'd be so grateful if you could confirm (beyond reasonable don't) that He was there. Gives me hope that the abandoned field literally behind my garden fence, full of new sallows and less than alf a mile away might get a visit within a year or two.

Chris Walpole said...
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