Friday, August 2, 2013

Still going in Upper Thames

The following report from Wendy and Mick Campbell, and the many recent sightings on the Herts and Middx website, indicate that it is still worth going out and enjoying HIM, although we are likely to see mostly Her Imperial Majesty. About 50% of the Campbell's sightings were females. The grid refs show that iris is dispersed throughout this large Oxfordshire wood at this stage of the season.

Thur. 1st August, weather very hot; sunny (30C), very humid.
Waterperry Wood, Oxon., 11.30am to approx 3.30pm
1 x PE f. 11.50am, SP60973-09990, very 'see-through' wings, flying over & landing in sallow.
1 x PE f. 11.58am, SP6097-0999 (very close to the first one seen), in very good condition, flying down low in shrubs 'hopping' from one shrub to another.
1 x PE 12.30pm, SP60632-09272 flying across track and disappeared over oaks.
2 x PE m. 12.45pm, SP60629-09238 at the x-roads half way along main track, flying over firs and then disappeared into wood.
1 x PE probable m. 1.45pm, SP60369-08937 tree-topping along edge of new clearing (near line of big sallows).
1 x PE f. 2.00pm, SP60200-08913 flying from sallow and off through a fir tree.
1 x PE 2.30pm, SP60428-09139 seen in flight heading towards sallows.
1 x PE f. 3,00pm, SP60596-09152 flying & landing in sallow. In quite good condition.
This afternoon, 2nd August, I went to Michael Reed's Oak in Rushbeds Wood [see yesterday's blog] and was happy to see two females enjoying the sap at the same spot, which answers my question.

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