Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wiltshire Wood - Part 2

This stuff is addictive - as evidenced by others that have succumbed to iris and I can see myself making several trips over the autumn and winter to check up on progress! And my first return visit was today; I just had to go back to see whether or not that egg had hatched and, indeed, it had! And so welcome to the world, Egbert :) (I needed something to remind me that I found him as an egg!). When I found him he had eaten all of his eggshell and had moved to an adjacent leaf and was spinning up a silk pad. By the time I'd left he'd finished and had turned himself around to face the base of the leaf.
Purple Emperor - larva - Wiltshire Wood - 24-Aug-13.jpg
Purple Emperor - larva - Wiltshire Wood - 24-Aug-13-5.jpg
Purple Emperor - larva - Wiltshire Wood - 24-Aug-13-4.jpg
What I didn't realise is that the larvae will sit on the edge of a curled leaf and out of sight - something I hadn't been checking. And so I thought "this must be a good tree since Egbert's mum selected it" and almost immediately found another larva - this time a 2nd instar larva with horns, and clearly the result of a different set of parents given the difference in age. I've christened this chap "Blackadder" for no other reason that I wanted to christen the first larva I found yesterday "Baldrick" since he's missing his "horns" and is therefore "bald". Anyway - something that will help me remember what stage/instar I found these guys in! Almost all Blackadder characters :)
Purple Emperor - larva - Wiltshire Wood - 24-Aug-13-6.jpg

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