Monday, August 1, 2016

Alice Still Going

A lunchtime visit to Alice Holt revealed that all is not over yet.
Straits Inclosure, and the Goose Green territory, in perfect weather, revealed nothing except a couple of Spotted Flycatchers and I did discover a nice female Adder which I nearly stepped on - so it didn’t bode well for my last stop at Abbotts wood!
After an hour of searching the usual spots, and some prime sallow I finally spotted a small movement in the top of a large sallow which turned out to be an inactive female flicking her wings as she was being annoyed by a fly. She sat in the same spot for 45mins soaking up the sun with wings outstretched, before flapping off presumably to finish her egg laying. I encountered two more males Oak edging and a further female, who looked in very good condition, who was looking for suitable egg laying sites. There are probably a few days left yet depending on the weather?
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