Tuesday, August 9, 2016

last sightings and length of flight season

It is always interesting to know how long the flight season lasts, but it is impossible to know exactly.
As the numbers dwindle, our chance of sightings  diminishes; just because we may not see any, it does not mean there are none; it is the same with trying to ascertain the beginning of the season when the numbers are also low. This season in Upper Thames, the first sightings were on July 3rd, and today, 9th August, one was seen in Little Wood, Oxon; yesterday, two were seen here. The blogs from other sites indicate we are not finished yet. July 3rd till August 9th is over 5 weeks. Will we get to 6 weeks?


craggy said...

We are on a boat on the river Wey at ripley Surrey,and just found a purple emperor being attacked by a wasp.He unfortunately succumbed,we think it was a female,but not experts.

dennis said...

excellent! thanks very much.
Can I have the grid reference please?