Saturday, August 6, 2016

Dorset Remains Purple

With just a solitary sighting of HIM on the 19 July reported to the Dorset Branch of BC i decided to have a look despite the season coming to an end . Sadly no sightings were made in areas i have found them before so i turned my attention to the sallows . Within a short time i located an egg which was sucked dry presumably by a fly leaving the empty eggshell intact . Nonetheless , proof that HIM is alive and well in the Chase Woods  complex of North Dorset .


Mike Gibbons said...

I saw a male in Chase Woods on 13th July. Probably not the best year here, but the weather didn't help. They are always a challenge in this wood, but seems they range over a large area. I think others may have been seen but not reported due to the parking problem.

Guy said...

I found a similarly eaten egg in 2014. It showed a single, small hole on one side. I'm not sure what creature sucked it dry. There is a picture of it here: (you have to copy and paste - I don't think it's possible to post pictures or links in comments). The empty shell remained on the leaf until it turned and dropped, in November. They are made of some tough material!