Saturday, June 22, 2019

Not out at Knepp, but starting around London

No Purple Emperors seen yesterday or today at Knepp Wildland, in excellent weather. Last night was very cold, which could well have delayed an emergence. No White Admirals, Silver-washed Fritillary or White-letter Hairstreak out locally, and only just the odd Purple Hairstreak. Summer Comma brood just starting. Knepp's PE's maybe two or three days off. 

However, males were seen yesterday or today near Slough, in Epping Forest and at Northaw in Middx. So it seems that the outer London area sites are kicking off first this year.

Interestingly, there have been no further sightings at Bookham Common.  

Postscript (Sunday 23rd). Again no PEs at Knepp today, but the first White Admiral and Purple Hairstreak is kicking off. Suspect Knepp's PEs will start tomorrow, but numbers will be way down on last year's level.  

Watch this space...


Gareth R said...

The weather this coming weekend (29th-30th) looks very good, so I'd like to see my very first Purple Emperor(s).

We live equidistant from both Fermyn and Knepp, so we could go to either. Is one site more recommended than the other?

On a purely geographical level, Fermyn appeals more simply because we could avoid having to go three-quarters of the way round the M25 :)

Liz Goodyear said...

Correction it wasn't Northaw on Saturday which is Hertfordshire but Totteridge which is in the LB of Barnet (but probably VC20 not VC21)

Richard Smyth said...

Gareth hi. Emergence at Fermyn Wood is normally up to a week after the Sussex sites so they are very unlikely to be out next weekend. Best bet therefore would be Knepp but read the blog for further info.

Neil Hulme said...

Hi Gareth. Good advice from Richard. You'll hit the start of the season at Knepp, but too early for Fermyn.
BWs, Neil

Gareth R said...

Thanks all!