Monday, June 17, 2019

We're Off!!!

First Purple Emperor of 2019 seen today at the Hill Farm territory at Bookham Common, Surrey, by Rob Hill. 100% kosher. A male that flew through the territory around 12.45pm.  

However, no others were seen, by Rob at Bookham, by Neil Hulme and Andy Wilson at Knepp, or by Mark Tutton in Alice Holt - and no White Admirals or Silver-washed Fritillaries either (but Purple Hairstreak at Bookham and Knepp). 

This suggests it's very early days. The weather in the Empire looks a bit dodgy for the next two days, but Thursday and Friday are looking good. 

I'm off to monitor HBF in Heddon Valley. Please text any further sightings through to me (07771 971488) and I'll put them on this blog.  

Also, a reminder that people of extreme Purple persuasion are welcome to join the People of Purple Pursuasion WhatsApp group. Text me if you want in.   

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Matthew Oates said...

PS Looks like one was seen down on the ride in Whiteley Pastures (Botley Wood of old), south Hampshire, on June 11th. This record needs double-checking. If genuine, it equals the modern record of 11/6/2017 at Bookham Common.