Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lift Off!

Gentlemen, two remarkable accounts reached me today. First and foremost, it appears that one of the populations introduced 8 years ago in Warwickshire has exploded: apparently someone saw about 50 on the ground there on Monday, which is Significant!!!! Can someone please confirm this... .

Secondly, a highly promising start to the Season in Fermyn Woods, where David Newland and Andy Wyldes had 5 males down simultaneously along one 100m section of ride, and maybe a dozen down in all.

These accounts, plus others, suggest that this year's emergence could be very good indeed... .

However, I struggled to see a single male in Savernake Forest, Wilts, today, where iris does tend to emerge later than elsewhere. My guess is that today was Day One of the flight season there. Several known male territories were assiduously searched.

And Brother Neil had a male on his boot in W Sussex (cue the aria from The Messiah, Blessed are the Feet...).

To the woods, without delay... .

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