Sunday, June 30, 2013

I saw only one purple emperor in my local woods last year and found just one egg - which hatched out into a caterpillar called Tiberius, which in turn I lost when he went into hibernation. So it is with great pleasure I introduce you to Trajan, whom I found today, lurking in a different corner of the woods. He is the third wild pupa I have found. Of the last two, one died before emergence and the other was presumed taken by human or animal, as his pupa (but not its leaf) simply disappeared one day.

Here is Trajan:

I will keep tabs on him and if he colours up will be down there at the crack of dawn to watch him emerge.



Matthew Oates said...

That looks female to me Guy!

Guy said...

Thanks Matthew. A commentator on UK Butterflies suggested the same, so Trajan will henceforth be known as Plotina.

Maybe - just maybe - I'll be able to settle the issue in two or three weeks ...