Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Tues June 27th

The Purple Emperor is now on the wing in almost all the counties it is known from. It has emerged in unusually high numbers at many sites, though it is too early to judge numbers at some.  I don't think that this is as great a year as 2018, but it may be...

This is nothing short of miraculous given the fact that sallows in many (but not all) regions dropped myriad leaves - and larvae - in heatwaves last July and August, especially in the Southeast and in East of England regions. 

The White Admiral, of course, is well known for being able to withstand its Honeysuckle leaves wilting off in high summer heat, so maybe the Emperor can survive too? 

The butterfly is likely to turn up in new districts this year, as populations have reached our 'observation threshold'.

Don't miss out on the 2023 Purple Emperors, but don't leave it too late - they'll be all but gone by July 21st.

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